Princes of the Apocalypse

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 05

Previously: Water Cultists? I hardly know ’er cultists!

The party was equipped with a map, and was all ready to get going! So, they dove wagon-first into the Sumber Hills to see what this strange watery symbol that they got from water cultists could mean. However, before they got there, they were interrupted by Po’s desire to hunt strong monsters.

After passing through a strange valley, they came across a strange tower where a strange lady told them about her group, the Feathergale Knights. They lived to prevent strange animals from hurting people and were about to go on a manticore hunt. Their leader, Thurl Merosska, invited the party to join them on the hunt. The party obliged, and impressed Thurl by quickly knocking out the manticore.

Resting at the Feathergale Spire after their tiring hunt, they heard strange human-like screams. Following the screams led them to the roof of the tower, where Thurl and his guards were snapping spikes off of the manticore. Disgusted by his cruelty, Missy pushed him threw him backwards off of the tower. After a brief fight with his flying guards, Thurl managed to fly back up the tower using his wingsuit, and rejoined the battle. Saleek healed the manticore, who used its dying strength to launch itself at Thurl. However, Thurl was easily able to brush it aside and slay the manticore.

Enraged, Missy launched himself at Thurl, completely missing him and falling off of the tower. His caveman physique managed to allow him to survive a blow that may have felled a lesser man, and he began the climb back up the tower. Bubble used her charms to control Thurl, leading him to throw down his weapons and surrender, as did his guards.

Interrogating Thurl took another turn for the worse, as Missy decided to drop him off of the edge and quickly catch him. However, Missy truly earned his name, missing Thurl and accidentally dropping him to his doom. The party questioned the guards, who revealed a name, Yan-C-Bin. This guard also gave away the location of the air cultist’s temple, upstream of the river running through the adjacent valley. The guard who gave up this name managed to escape in a struggle, and went to get reinforcements. The party decided to make haste away from the tower before more soldiers came, taking with them a set of wingsuits and a number of hipogriffs.

The party went onwards to the symbol, where they found a small keep adjacent to a river. After making camp, they approached the keep under the cover of nightfall, sneaking their way into a hall and fighting someone sitting at the desk. He revealed himself as a wereboar and managed to impale Missy before being defeated. Missy started to slowly turn into a wereboar, and the party decided to get out of there before shit got real.

After watching Missy in a cave for two nights, he finally managed to gain enough control over his wereboar powers to transform between a human and a boar at will. The party steadied themselves for the night, preparing to head back into the keep the next morning.

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 04
Water cultists? I hardly know 'er cultists!

Previously: What Happened at the Bargewright Inn?

The party awoke to find Saleek being held at swordpoint in the street outside their inn in Wormford. She had come to reclaim the keys from Starlord. However, they didn’t care about her key needs, and quickly paralyzed her, then beat on her repeatedly.

With that distraction out of the way, the gang went down to the dock to check out the suspicious characters. They found a water Genasi sailor and his crew loading up their boat. After some brief flirting between him and Bubbles, Po the Fighting made the mistake of mentioning the Cult of the Crashing Wave.

The water Genasi and his crew immediately attacked the party. After a fierce battle, with many sailors being thrown into the water, the Genasi realised that he was outclassed. He used his teleportation magic to travel below deck and start loading up a bag with valuables that he didn’t want the party to get their hands on.

After quickly figuring out where he went, the party grabbed the bag and restrained him. After a few tug of wars over the bag, they finally knocked him out and ransacked his ship. They found a bunch of valuables, as well as a map with a strange symbol on it marking a location. After wandering around the docks a bit, the water Genasi woke up, and promptly dove into the water and swam away. Bubbles gave brief pursuit, but quickly gave up.

The gang decided to head back to Red Larch to sell some goods they aquired, but on the way there, found a strange camp with some cooking fish. Saleek attempted to find some worms at the camp, after which the party was ambushed by some water cultists. After a fierce battle, with lots of water magic and sharp jagged swords, the party was victorious, continuing on their journey to Red Larch, and resting easy.

Next Time: Towerfall

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 03
What Happened at the Bargewright Inn?

Previously: Gated Walls and Guarded Secrets

Chalaska fled with some soldiers, and barricaded herself in the inn. Some other soldiers were angry at her, as were town members, whose valuables were being kept in the back room they think she robbed. They finally managed to break in, and took her prisoner, along with some of her soldiers. They attempt to boot her out of the town, only to find the gate locked. Thinking that she is responsible, they start interrogating her in the main area of the town, and after she proves unhelpful, they start beating her to figure out where the keys are.

Saleek wakes up to this scene. Curious about what is going on, he flies down and attempts to break up the fight. To prevent a death, he heals Chalaska, who promptly picks up her nearby longsword, and starts slashing at the people around her. A fight breaks out between Chalaska, a highly skilled warrior, and the rest of the townspeople.

Saleek attempts to break up the fight by releasing horses for Chalaska to escape on, but it fails. After slaying a young boy in the heat of battle, she backs away, threatening the rest of the townspeople with a similar fate. She finds herself next to Saleek, and holds a blade to his throat, telling him to fly her out of the town. He struggles to carry her weight, but manages to fly over the walls before landing on the other side.

Trapped, the remaining townspeople stand at the gate and watch Chalaska and Saleek walk to Wormford. Chalaska looks back and yells “I will find the keys and punish those responsible for sealing us in.”

Chalaska and Saleek arrive at Wormford, and start making a huge racket to try and find the rest of the adventuring party.

Next Time: Water Cultists? I hardly know ’er cultists!

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 02
Gated Walls and Guarded Secrets

Previously: A Moving Stone Gathers Many Followers

After finding out that Endrith Vallivoe was a Harper contact, the party visited him to gather information.
He told them to look into a missing delegation, which was heading from Mirabar to Waterdeep, but vanished somewhere in the Submer Hills. The party also discovered he had purchased a suspicious book from somebody in Wormford, and headed there to gather more information.

On the way to Wormford, the party was attacked by two Perytons, fearsome birdlike creatures which greatly harmed the party. After fighting off one Peryton, and causing the other to flee, they sought refuge for the night in a nearby community, built around the Bargewright Inn.

After resting at the Bargewright Inn, the innkeeper, Nalaskur Thaelond, asked them to take care of the inn for a tenday while he went on a short business trip. However, tragedy struck during their tenure as innkeepers, as the keys to the main gate of the community vanished!

After investigating some of the people staying at the inn, a suspicious man named Kendrin Feldarr ran out. Nobody is sure whether he, the town leader Chalaska Muruin, or somebody else stole the keys.

Around this point, Saleek was very tired, and went to rest on the roof of the inn. He didn’t see any of the following

The gang questioned Kendrin, and blame started to fall on Chalaska. After the party went to investigate the storeroom of the inn, they discovered that gold had been stolen from the chest, and two buttons from one of Chalaska’s dresses were found in their place. Heading to Chalaska’s room, the party found the missing keys, and 300g resting in an unlocked chest.
At this point, Chalaska began to worry. She ran out of the room, and gathered some of the town’s guards who were loyal to her. They ran into the inn and barricaded themselves inside.
However, the party decided that they had had enough of this town. They left through the main gate, locking it behind them, and leaving Saleek sleeping on the roof of the inn.

Next Time: What Hapened at the Bargewright Inn?

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 01
Crypt of the Thespian | A Moving Stone Gathers Many Followers

Saleek ’Ourr, Bubbles and Starlord all came to Red Larch to investigate the same thing. Mysterious elemental occurances have been noticed. Since these three are all part of groups attuned to the elements, they all realised that the elements have started to fall into disarray in the Sumber Hills.
They met there, each realising that they were there for a common cause, and formed a party together with Missy and Po. Together, this rag tag group of adventurers started digging around for clues.

After hearing that two children were clamouring about a plague near Lance Rock, the party headed there to see what was with all the commotion. They got there, only to discover a necromancer calling himself The Lord of Lance Rock. After fighting his army of undead minions (some of who were re-enacting Macbeth), the party took him down, as well as taking all of his gold and a sweet wand of Magic Missile. They headed back to Red Larch and slept, awakening to find a sinkhole in the centre of the town.

The party dove into the sinkhole to try and rescue some trapped children. After doing so, they realised that the sinkhole led to a secret underground dwelling, which was being inhabited by a secret society, known as The Believers.

The Believers were a group of prominent Red Larch townsfolk who worshipped a group of moving stones they called The Delvers. These stones gave them messages, interpreted by a priest known as Larrakh.

Fighting their way through the catacombs, the party came across a group of missing humans who had had a strange symbol carved into their forehead. Further on they found a petrified dwarf, a tortured child and a magic dagger. Finally, they found Larrakh, and beat him until he spilled many secrets. Namely, that he was faking the messages from The Delvers to slowly take over Red Larch, for a secret earth cult he worked for.

Constable Harburk came into the catacombs and arrested Larrakh, as well as many of the believers that were given up.

Next Time: Gated Walls, and Guarded Secrets


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