Princes of the Apocalypse

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Crypt of the Thespian | A Moving Stone Gathers Many Followers

Saleek ’Ourr, Bubbles and Starlord all came to Red Larch to investigate the same thing. Mysterious elemental occurances have been noticed. Since these three are all part of groups attuned to the elements, they all realised that the elements have started to fall into disarray in the Sumber Hills.
They met there, each realising that they were there for a common cause, and formed a party together with Missy and Po. Together, this rag tag group of adventurers started digging around for clues.

After hearing that two children were clamouring about a plague near Lance Rock, the party headed there to see what was with all the commotion. They got there, only to discover a necromancer calling himself The Lord of Lance Rock. After fighting his army of undead minions (some of who were re-enacting Macbeth), the party took him down, as well as taking all of his gold and a sweet wand of Magic Missile. They headed back to Red Larch and slept, awakening to find a sinkhole in the centre of the town.

The party dove into the sinkhole to try and rescue some trapped children. After doing so, they realised that the sinkhole led to a secret underground dwelling, which was being inhabited by a secret society, known as The Believers.

The Believers were a group of prominent Red Larch townsfolk who worshipped a group of moving stones they called The Delvers. These stones gave them messages, interpreted by a priest known as Larrakh.

Fighting their way through the catacombs, the party came across a group of missing humans who had had a strange symbol carved into their forehead. Further on they found a petrified dwarf, a tortured child and a magic dagger. Finally, they found Larrakh, and beat him until he spilled many secrets. Namely, that he was faking the messages from The Delvers to slowly take over Red Larch, for a secret earth cult he worked for.

Constable Harburk came into the catacombs and arrested Larrakh, as well as many of the believers that were given up.

Next Time: Gated Walls, and Guarded Secrets



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