Princes of the Apocalypse

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Gated Walls and Guarded Secrets

Previously: A Moving Stone Gathers Many Followers

After finding out that Endrith Vallivoe was a Harper contact, the party visited him to gather information.
He told them to look into a missing delegation, which was heading from Mirabar to Waterdeep, but vanished somewhere in the Submer Hills. The party also discovered he had purchased a suspicious book from somebody in Wormford, and headed there to gather more information.

On the way to Wormford, the party was attacked by two Perytons, fearsome birdlike creatures which greatly harmed the party. After fighting off one Peryton, and causing the other to flee, they sought refuge for the night in a nearby community, built around the Bargewright Inn.

After resting at the Bargewright Inn, the innkeeper, Nalaskur Thaelond, asked them to take care of the inn for a tenday while he went on a short business trip. However, tragedy struck during their tenure as innkeepers, as the keys to the main gate of the community vanished!

After investigating some of the people staying at the inn, a suspicious man named Kendrin Feldarr ran out. Nobody is sure whether he, the town leader Chalaska Muruin, or somebody else stole the keys.

Around this point, Saleek was very tired, and went to rest on the roof of the inn. He didn’t see any of the following

The gang questioned Kendrin, and blame started to fall on Chalaska. After the party went to investigate the storeroom of the inn, they discovered that gold had been stolen from the chest, and two buttons from one of Chalaska’s dresses were found in their place. Heading to Chalaska’s room, the party found the missing keys, and 300g resting in an unlocked chest.
At this point, Chalaska began to worry. She ran out of the room, and gathered some of the town’s guards who were loyal to her. They ran into the inn and barricaded themselves inside.
However, the party decided that they had had enough of this town. They left through the main gate, locking it behind them, and leaving Saleek sleeping on the roof of the inn.

Next Time: What Hapened at the Bargewright Inn?



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