Princes of the Apocalypse

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 03

What Happened at the Bargewright Inn?

Previously: Gated Walls and Guarded Secrets

Chalaska fled with some soldiers, and barricaded herself in the inn. Some other soldiers were angry at her, as were town members, whose valuables were being kept in the back room they think she robbed. They finally managed to break in, and took her prisoner, along with some of her soldiers. They attempt to boot her out of the town, only to find the gate locked. Thinking that she is responsible, they start interrogating her in the main area of the town, and after she proves unhelpful, they start beating her to figure out where the keys are.

Saleek wakes up to this scene. Curious about what is going on, he flies down and attempts to break up the fight. To prevent a death, he heals Chalaska, who promptly picks up her nearby longsword, and starts slashing at the people around her. A fight breaks out between Chalaska, a highly skilled warrior, and the rest of the townspeople.

Saleek attempts to break up the fight by releasing horses for Chalaska to escape on, but it fails. After slaying a young boy in the heat of battle, she backs away, threatening the rest of the townspeople with a similar fate. She finds herself next to Saleek, and holds a blade to his throat, telling him to fly her out of the town. He struggles to carry her weight, but manages to fly over the walls before landing on the other side.

Trapped, the remaining townspeople stand at the gate and watch Chalaska and Saleek walk to Wormford. Chalaska looks back and yells “I will find the keys and punish those responsible for sealing us in.”

Chalaska and Saleek arrive at Wormford, and start making a huge racket to try and find the rest of the adventuring party.

Next Time: Water Cultists? I hardly know ’er cultists!



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