Princes of the Apocalypse

Previously, on Princes of the Apocalypse 04

Water cultists? I hardly know 'er cultists!

Previously: What Happened at the Bargewright Inn?

The party awoke to find Saleek being held at swordpoint in the street outside their inn in Wormford. She had come to reclaim the keys from Starlord. However, they didn’t care about her key needs, and quickly paralyzed her, then beat on her repeatedly.

With that distraction out of the way, the gang went down to the dock to check out the suspicious characters. They found a water Genasi sailor and his crew loading up their boat. After some brief flirting between him and Bubbles, Po the Fighting made the mistake of mentioning the Cult of the Crashing Wave.

The water Genasi and his crew immediately attacked the party. After a fierce battle, with many sailors being thrown into the water, the Genasi realised that he was outclassed. He used his teleportation magic to travel below deck and start loading up a bag with valuables that he didn’t want the party to get their hands on.

After quickly figuring out where he went, the party grabbed the bag and restrained him. After a few tug of wars over the bag, they finally knocked him out and ransacked his ship. They found a bunch of valuables, as well as a map with a strange symbol on it marking a location. After wandering around the docks a bit, the water Genasi woke up, and promptly dove into the water and swam away. Bubbles gave brief pursuit, but quickly gave up.

The gang decided to head back to Red Larch to sell some goods they aquired, but on the way there, found a strange camp with some cooking fish. Saleek attempted to find some worms at the camp, after which the party was ambushed by some water cultists. After a fierce battle, with lots of water magic and sharp jagged swords, the party was victorious, continuing on their journey to Red Larch, and resting easy.

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