Hints and Mysteries

This page will be used to track all the ongoing mysteries that the party is starting to unravel

The missing delegation

A delegation travelling from Mirabar to Waterdeep went missing somewhere in the Sumber Hills. Endrith Valliveo, a Harper contact, asked the party to try and figure out what happened to them, as one of their party was carrying a number of important magical scrolls. The Harpers would like to avoid these scrolls falling into the wrong hands.

An element of intrigue

Rumours of mysterious elemental cultists have been popping up wherever the party travels. The party knows the names of four Elemental Cults that they interrogated from Larrakh in the catacombs under Red Larch.

Mapper Keeper

The party found a strange map with a strange symbol on it marking a strange location in the strange Sumber Hills. How strange!

Hints and Mysteries

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